Guarda Medical is capable of providing patients with the best possible support for their rehabilitation needs in collaboration with prosthetic supply (invalid offices) in any situation, whether at home or in public or private facilities. We simplify supply relationships on a bureaucratic level.

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Contact us if you have relevant rights related to disability or impairment, or if you are the caregiver of such a person. We are happy to assist you in care and support.

The product and tariff directory helps structures working with us to find the most suitable product in any situation, which is also possible due to the wide range of solutions and various specialized manufacturers.

The world of Home Care and nursing homes has opened the doors to the more humane and ethical aspects of entrepreneurship for us. We have approached a different perspective that has changed our awareness of this issue.

Guarda Medical can offer social-sanitary facilities and nursing homes the best technical solutions and equipment for accommodation, storage, and generally for the care of residents, regardless of the degree of autonomy of the persons cared for. Thanks to our activity, supply is simplified on a bureaucratic level.