The service offered by the GLab Guarda Medical laboratory includes chemical and microbiological analyses of samples of process and technical water, surfaces, air, and medical devices. The microbiological laboratory, which is in the accreditation phase according to the UNI EN ISO 17025 standard, checks if there are any microorganisms in the sample being examined, which may then be identified. 

With our specialized service, we address hospitals with centers of excellence (PMA and cytostatic units), private clinics, nursing homes, and tourist accommodation facilities. The in-house laboratory operates according to quality standards with a system certified to ISO 9001.

It is capable of performing qualitative and quantitative microbiological analyses on various media, as well as chemical and physical analyses on various samples relevant to healthcare.

The laboratory commits to ensuring the quality of the analyses offered in compliance with legal regulations by:

  • Carefully sourcing all materials that may influence the analyses
  • Using qualified suppliers
  • Employing only specialized personnel who receive ongoing training
  • Conducting sample collection and chemical and microbiological water analyses
Our laboratory offers the following routine analyses:

  • Enumeration of microorganisms at 30°C in air and on surfaces (UNI EN 17141:2021 Annex E + UNI EN ISO 4833-2:2022)
  • Enumeration of yeasts and molds in air and on surfaces (UNI EN 17141:2021 Annex E + ISO 21527-2:2008)
  • Sterility testing on medical devices (procedure according to ISO11737-2:2019)
  • Bacterial endotoxins in dialysis fluid (EU PHARMA 01/2021:50110 + 01/2018:20614 Method C)
  • Bacterial endotoxins on medical devices (EU PHARMA 01/2018:20614 Method C)
  • Determination of Legionella (Legionella spp, Legionella pneumophila) in sanitary water (UNI EN ISO 11731:2017)
  • Analysis of total microorganism count - Bioburden (UNI EN ISO 11737-1:2021)
  • Sterility testing with "Media-Fill-Test" on sterile preparations (EU PHARMA 04/2011:20601)